Unlock Your Business Potential: The Essential Software Toolbox for Business Success

Our comprehensive guide to the different types of software that’ll benefit your business (and how to pick them)

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How to use this guide

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AI (artificial intelligence)

Automations & integrators




Online events & video conferencing

Calendars & scheduling


Document storage and collaboration

Project management

Workshopping (+ brainstorming + mind mapping)

Time tracking

Videos (+ editing + captioning)

Social media scheduling

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Accounting and financial management

Human resources management (HRM)

Email marketing


Payments platforms (& point of sale)

Customer service

Course membership and hosting

Online forms


Digital asset management

Inventory management


Banking apps

Bonus content (non-tech beauties)

We’re SaaSy, and we help teams buy, build or integrate the right software. We’re the Cilla Black of software.

It’s our job to offer solutions that make your day simpler, your customers happier and keep you at your best.

We help teams like yours understand, embrace and integrate new technology to take back control over your day and achieve more.

Andreea is a self-professed geek, leader of a nerd herd with a penchant for caffeine and confectionery. She lives and breathes software and is obsessed with how the right tool(s) can transform teams' ways of working.

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An officially certified Product Manager (there’s a certificate and everything), she’ll bring the mini-CEO hat you need to any and all projects - Connect on LinkedIn

Running a small or medium-sized business can often feel like spinning plates, with so many areas to manage and optimise.

The good news?

The digital world offers a wealth of software tools designed to streamline, simplify, and supercharge your operations.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the essential software systems that every business is likely to need - from project management to customer relations, accounting to communication, and much more.

Whether you're a new entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, you'll discover a curated list of tools that can save you time, reduce overheads, and help your business grow.

Ready to work smarter, not harder? Of course you are.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

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<aside> 💫 If, as you work through this guide, or your search in general, and you start thinking - “yep, but none of this is exactly what I need for this part of the business” - then you might need something built bespoke. Get in touch if that’s the case - Andreea will always happily talk shop and geek out (no hard sell here). Book a chat.


<aside> 💫 The build journey will look something like the bottom path on the image below. If you don’t want to squint at the image, the original is here. It’s nowhere near as daunting as it sounds (or doesn’t have to be, if you’re working with the right people).


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